ESB: Temporale

File Date Pages Sound files
Advent 1, Sunday January, 2017 1-102 ESB-01
Advent 1, Weekdays  July 2017  103-146 ESB-02
Advent 2  July 2017  147-178 ESB-03
Advent 3  July 2017  179-238 ESB-04
Advent 4  July 2017  239-282 ESB-05
The Nativity  January 2018  283-366 ESB-06
S. Stephen  January 2018  367-402 ESB-07
S. John  January 2018  403-442 ESB-08
The Holy Innocents  January 2018  443-474 ESB-09
S. Thomas  July 2018  475-522 ESB-10
The Circumcision  July 2018  523-548 ESB-11
Octave of St. Stephen &c.  July 2018  549-568 ESB-12
The Epiphany  July 2018  569-616 ESB-13
Octave of the Epiphany  July 2018  617-654 ESB-14
Pica for Domine ne in ira  January 2019  655-688 ESB-15
Domine ne in ira  January 2019  689-722 ESB-16
Domine ne in ira week  January 2019  723-752 ESB-17
Sundays and weeks after Domine ne in ira  January 2019  753-794 ESB-18
Septuagesima  January 2019  795-838 ESB-19
Sexagesima  January 2019  839-872 ESB-20
Quinquagesima ESB-21
Lent 1 ESB-22
Lent Week 1 ESB-23
Lent Week 2 ESB-24
Lent Week 3 ESB-25
Lent Week 4 ESB-26
Passion Sunday ESB-27
Palm Sunday ESB-28
Triduum ESB-29
Easter Sunday ESB-30
Easter Week ESB-31
Sunday in the octave of Easter ESB-32
First Week after the Octave of Easter ESB-33
Second Sunday after Easter ESB-34
Third Sunday after Easter ESB-35
Fourth Sunday after Easter ESB-36
Fifth Sunday after Easter ESB-37
Ascension ESB-38
Pentecost ESB-39
Trinity ESB-40
Corpus Christi ESB-41
Pica, First Sunday after Trinity ESB-42
First Sunday after Trinity ESB-43
Great Rubrics; History of Kings ESB-44
History of Job ESB-45
History of Tobias ESB-46
History of Judith ESB-47
History of Maccabees ESB-48
History of Ezechiel ESB-49
Expositions of the Gospel ESB-50
Dedication of the Church ESB-51