Latin Noted Missal

The Latin Missal contains the Temporale, the Sanctorale, the Commune Sanctorum, the Misse Votive, and the Kyriale.

The Temporale contains all of the proper liturgical texts and music for the Mass throughout the year, beginning with the First Sunday of Advent (the Sunday nearest to November 30) and continuing through to the week before Advent.
The Temporale also contains the feasts of saints from December 26 through January 18.
The Temporale also contains the Feast of the Dedication of the Church and its octave.
The First Sunday of Advent is of special interest because it provides the model for the liturgy during the remainder of the year.

This edition will include all the text of the Missale 1513 and the Graduale 1508.
This edition will include all the music of the Graduale 1508 and the Graduale Sarisburiense facsimile, 1895.
Supplementary text and music will be added where appropriate from other sources, such as the Graduals, 1527 and 1532, and other printed missals.
This edition will also include all the variants and annotations found in Francis Dickinson, ed., Missale ad usum insignis et praeclarae ecclesiae Sarum (Burntisland: Pitslago, 1861-1883).

The Sequences from the Missal are available in the Latin Sequentiarium.

Gloria Patri at the Officium (Introit)

Alleluyas in Eastertide (for votive masses)

File Date Pages Sound files
Advent July 1, 2015 1-76 A-01
Christmas July 1, 2015 77-168 A-02
Epiphany January 1, 2016 169-242 A-03
Lent July 1, 2016 243-440 A-04
Passiontide January 1, 2017 441-714 A-05
Easter July 1, 2017 715-928 A-06
Trinity  January 1, 2018  929-1140 A-07
Ordinary  July 1, 2018  1141-1224 A-08
December July 1, 2019  {1}-{30} B-01
January July 1, 2019  {31}-{68} B-02
February July 1, 2019  {69}-(106) B-03
March July 1, 2019  {107}-{134} B-04
April July 1, 2019  {135}-{148} B-05
May July 1, 2019  {149}-{176} B-06
June July 1, 2019  {177}-{238} B-07
July  {239}-{310} B-08
August  {311}-{430} B-09
September  {431}-{486} B-10
October  {487}-{530} B-11
November  {531}-{576} B-12
Common of Apostles and Evangelists
Common of Martyrs
January 1, 2019  [1]-[102]  C-01
Common of Confessors
Common of Virgins
January 1 2019  [103]-[182]  C-02
Votive Masses  [183]-  C-03
Nuptial Mass etc. C-04
Kyriale January 1, 2016 1*-70* C-05