Scholarly Breviary A: Psalter

ESA-01 Sunday Matins-Lauds
ESA-02 Prime
ESA-03 Terce Sext None
ESA-04 Monday Matins-Lauds
ESA-05 Tuesday Matins-Lauds
ESA-06 Wednesday Matins-Lauds
ESA-07 Thursday Matins-Lauds
ESA-08 Friday Matins-Lauds
ESA-09 Saturday Matins-Lauds
ESA-10 Vespers
ESA-11 Compline
ESA-12 Penitential Psalms and Litany
ESA-13 Office of the Dead
ESA-14 Service of the Blessed Virgin Mary
ESA-15 Commemoration of Saint Thomas, Martyr